The test of time…



It was nearly a month and a half after I returned back home in the US, from India. Initially the India trip was supposed to be only for two weeks and I was going be back home to celebrate Diwali with my husband. But obviously it didn’t work as per plan and I am forcibly reminded of the old adage – Man proposes God disposes. My plans were totally disposed of by the Lord Almighty and I had to stay in India in a notorious small town called Meerut in Western Uttar Pradesh (UP). My roots are from UP, but after being in Meerut I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be proud of the same. Thank god Meerut wasn’t the place my family hailed from. Being stuck in court cases is one thing, but to be stuck in a court case in a place like Meerut is something you wouldn’t even wish upon your worst enemies.

For those of you who know me well, you would know that negativity and pessimism are something I am very far from. But then there are times life teaches you a lot and maybe it becomes important to be around negative people to be able to appreciate the good things in your life even better and to ensure that you hold on tighter to your blessings and the people who love you and want to see you happy. At times I wonder if I only survived the worst month of my life because of my own decisions or purely because of the blessings of people who love me. Because the situation was so out of hand that even my husband had to displace himself from the US and place himself close to me, holding my hand through everything.

It was almost as if time had stood still. It made me feel pathetic that I couldn’t make time to write anything. Drishti seemed like a distant dream. There was no time for anything else except running around from pillar to post merely for survival. The details are so gory and gross that they aren’t even worth sharing. Only suffice to say that I have become a big believer of love and blessings and the miracles they perform.  After the ordeal was over, we were finally on our way back home. The good part was that I was traveling back home with my husband and the long journey with him always excites me, but leaving home and your parents and siblings makes the heart really heavy. Traveling back was a bag of mixed emotions. And while I was happy to be going back home, the truth is that I was dreading entering the house for multiple reasons.

Bella was well taken care of at the dog-sitter, but my plants were home alone without any love, sunshine and water. I was scared to even look at the state they would have been in. So many months of nurturing, all in vain! I kept telling Desh that I was too unhappy to even think what might have become of them and he kept consoling me and asked me to remain positive. Miraculously, the indoor plants were all alive and kicking. But surprisingly, the plants on the deck outside were in bad shape. Most of them already on their death bed and some on their way…disappointment galore! It saddened me to the core to see that my favourite red plant – Coleus which had become nearly five feet high was gone. But just then, Desh brought my attention to something beautiful – I noticed that our rose plant had flowered.  Most of the leaves had turned yellow and were withering, though there were a few greens still hanging on to dear life. But the unforgettable picture that I will cherish all my life was the way the red rose had blossomed against all odds and stood the test of time! It’s a pity that I wasn’t in the best frame of mind and forgot to click a picture, for when I just went to take a peek at it right now, it wasn’t there. I almost felt that one single red rose was alive and smiling at me that day when i got back home just to teach me a big lesson of life. Bad times and rough patches come and go, but the brave and strong ones survive the test of time and prove their worth.

So here I am writing my first blog post after October 29th, 2015. It seems like a lifetime has passed and I haven’t expressed anything. Love always inspires and I am grateful for the messages that so many of you sent me asking me if everything was alright and why I had stopped writing. So no, nothing was alright then, but just like my beautiful red rose, your love and affection had brought me back from the dungeon to where life had stopped. All I can say is while I have a long way to travel to come back to normal life, atleast I am happy to be surrounded by such lovely, positive and caring people.

Cheers to life and all the tests it puts us through!

Featured Image Source: Flickr

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