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‘I’d never been a collector- until I latched onto bookmarks.’ – Lauren Roberts, Bookmarks: A Personal Passion, BiblioBuffet Website

Stepping out of the house in these winters is too much of a task for me. But then if it is for a noble cause then it becomes a pleasure on its own. Barnes and Nobles (B&N) our favourite book store very smoothly falls into the above mentioned category of ‘noble causes’ even if the cause is buying planners and diaries for the coming year 2016. So when Desh thought aloud that he needed a new diary I jumped at the idea and almost held it with very tight hands not wanting to let go of it. Who doesn’t like a visit to the bookstore after all? Ofcourse, needless to say the in-store Starbucks and our favourite Chai Tea Latte there makes the idea that much alluring. I was all up to stepping out then, though to be honest the day wasn’t that bad. It was slightly better than the previous cold days.

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When we reached B&N we got drowned in the sea of diaries and planners and finally after going through most of the available styles and designs we landed up choosing very matter-of-fact leather bound black journals. Classy, nice and simple and that’s the way both Desh and I like our diaries to be. We then browsed through books and once we were done it was time to pay a visit to the Starbucks counter so we rushed to pay for our diaries. B&N has some amazing knickknacks which can stir the heart of a collector so while he went to pay for the stuff I excused myself to go and check out some of the other things. Since my early days of travel abroad it was a ritual to visit book stores and buy one bookmark at the minimum per visit. I love collecting them and you get such marvelous ones at B&N that I couldn’t resist atleast having a look at the least. And for me, bookmarks have also been as important as my books. That was a good enough reason.

bookmarIs just having a look ever enough? No, not really, because my heart starts melting when I see those pretty bookmarks and today when I saw the collection my heart started doing cartwheels instead of melting. I set my eyes upon this beautiful set of heart shaped page clips which were called the symbol of love. Oh, did I mention that I have been hoarding stationery since I was a kid? Call it fetish or just the love of pens, hand-made paper, diaries, bookmarks and the works, I have loved collecting them all and have quite a sizeable collection by now. Pens and bookmarks top the list though and so when I saw this beautiful set of silver and gold heart clip bookmarks I looked at my husband with those innocent eyes and that starved look (as if I hadn’t eaten for over a week), fluttered my eyelashes and asked him, “these are beautiful, do you think we can get these honey?”. He smiled, nodded his head and said, “let me know when you are done”. I think I forgot to mention that I picked up two more diaries after he paid for the first set, since they were on sale at one-third the price. Indians can’t let go of a good deal ever, can they? So his statement was totally legitimate and this was the third time that he would have had to go to the counter to make a payment. But by then I was completely satiated. The diaries were super but the bookmarks were the killers. So I nodded my head in return and told him that I wanted to go to Starbucks. I was a happy girl and I think he is always happy to see me happy.

After we paid and got to Starbucks I could hardly hold my horses and told him that I would figure out a place to sit by the time he ordered (sheepishly so). I wanted to quickly open the seal of the bookmarks to get a feel of them in my very own hands. Totally irresistible, the magnificent clips inspired me to start reading a book immediately. We bought a few kilos of books during our recent India trip and I finally decided I wanted to read ‘See Me’ – the latest Nicholas Sparks novel that was a part of those few kilograms. I was grinning ear to ear just thinking how some things can inspire you. Designing good bookmarks is an art. These book clips have been made tastefully. The intricate design and the shiny metal make them look like a real beauty. The best part is that the line at the bottom of the packet says – ‘for the passionate reader’. Can anyone disagree? A thing of beauty is a joy forever and however small it may be, inspiration can be derived from anything. It just takes eyes to see and a heart to feel. Isn’t it?

By the way, are you a hoarder or a collector? Do you like bookmarks?

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