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This evening I was going through Drishti – the site statistics, all the Haiku that I have written to date, travelogues and some of the photographs in the photo posts. I wanted to know how many articles we had already published and this one happens to be the 299th. The number gave me a big high, which is not something unusual for a person with a financial background and the love for numbers. Less than 11 months in the blogosphere and those many number of articles, write-ups, poems combined with some amazing Guest posts wasn’t a bad number. I was grinning ear to ear and decided it was the perfect day to scroll through the posts and see what Desh and I have been writing about. It was an amazing and enjoyable couple of hours but it didn’t satiate my need to read and know more and more….about myself.

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quillI realised that I was trying to find an answer to a question that a lot of bloggers have been posing lately. Why did I start blogging and what inspired me to do so. Ofcourse, the answer that I always give in all my interviews is that my husband pushed me into it and created this beautiful site himself, as a gift for his beloved’s need for expression. I gather that he understood that I love writing and saw some potential in me, being the veteran blogger that he is. But nope, I wasn’t satisfied and started digging deeper. The initial articles on Drishti have been directly picked up from my Facebook Notes section where I used to write years before I started writing on Drishti.

I found some fascinating  (fascinating because – please don’t forget – I am one of my favourites) old articles, especially two of my choicest. One being on absentmindedness! I was flying into Mumbai from Goa and stood for the longest time at the conveyor belt of the luggage arriving from Delhi. It’s only when I realised that the people next to me didn’t look familiar and looked around to see faces I could recognise that I moved to the correct belt; ofcourse still unaware that I had flown in from Goa. I sat into the car, my brother kept speaking to me and yet I didn’t seem to be a part of the conversation despite replying to him. There was a nagging feeling that was eating me up and that’s when it struck me that I was returning from Goa and not Delhi. Delhi was top of mind recall only because I used to travel there a lot. I am not sure if I laughed at what had just transpired then, but I decided to write about it. 🙂 (I am laughing now ofcourse!).

The second one that made me laugh out louder than the absentmindedness piece was my conversation with a Mumbai cabbie while returning home from work one evening. I was really pissed that evening. The horrendous traffic jam made me more upset; and just when I was looking for some peace of mind the cabbie kept talking to me relentlessly. That really made me angry. However slowly and gradually, the cabbie transformed the situation with his sweet conversation with me. I realised that he hailed from Uttar Pradesh and that dramatically changed my mood and I actually started listening to him. By the time I reached home I was enthralled by the old cabbie uncle, we became friends; I empathised with his situation and felt very bad about how angry I was when he started speaking to me.

When I read all those old articles, I could feel all the emotions that I went through in those situations. Yes, situations were the beginning of those feelings which led to varied emotions which instilled a strong desire to express and tell the world the story. That’s how I started writing. There was this innate need to tell everyone about the situation I faced, what I felt, what I went through and how it ended. I was a born story-teller but I didn’t know I would ever feel the need to recount my stories in black and white so they reach a far greater audience than just my kith and kin, friends and colleagues. And that was the beginning of the journey which got a big push from the husband who continuously praised my written words.

The criticism, praise and feedback from my husband, mother and sister were another huge variable that contributed to my writing journey. When I started blogging officially and formally the sample size increased from these three people to a whole new world of fellow bloggers. This I think is one of my greatest achievements in the blogosphere. Friends for life as I love to call it, the people that I have come across because of blogging, their love and constant encouragement is what keeps me going! At the risk of redundancy I would still like to state that this is the biggest reward I have received in my blogging journey. Though there have been a few ups and downs here too, as is usual in any part of life, blogging makes me feel alive.

Now this current situation of writing about my blogging inspiration has made me smile and had led to a happy emotion – that of remembering a beautiful song and the need to hear it and share it with the world. One of my all-time favourites where Celion Dion sings… “Mmmmm … Mmmmm … I get wings to fly… Oh, oh … I’m alive… yeah”

Oh yeah… that’s what blogging does to me… gives me wings to fly!


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