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We are on Drishti’s 300th and wanted to make this a very special one. Yesterday I wrote about what inspired my blogging journey and what I think my accomplishments have been so far. I thought it would be a befitting tribute to our endearing blog site if I point out which and why these ten posts are my favourites (and this has nothiing to do with the number of views, shares or comments – just the topic and the emotional connection with it).

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  1. My First Kiss Under the Red Umbrella

My first attempt at fiction, this one made me a very happy person. After publishing this story and reading it several times, I think it could have been much better, but I don’t believe in changing the original thoughts so I let it be. Though a die-hard romantic at heart, I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to pull off a fiction-based love story. But this one gave me immense confidence and I think it is one of my best. Actually like they say – first love for anything is always your favourite, and so this one deserves that crown.

  1. The darkest hour of the night is just before dawn

A tribute to my maternal grandmother – this is a moving story of a mother and daughter who were estranged for over two decades.  Finally the daughter visits the mother at her death-bed in the hospital. This is an emotionally laden story of how relationships play truant in real life and how people don’t have a choice but to cope up and move on.

  1. 9 pioneering ways Parsis have shaped modern India

One of the highest viewed, shared and loved posts on Drishti, this one talks about the important initiatives taken by the Parsi community and how they have helped in influencing and making a huge positive difference to India. Desh thrives on doing thorough research on the topics that he writes about and this one is one of his best. It was welcomed by all our Parsi friends and was shared on many Parsi forums as well.

  1. Yin and Yang: The role of H2o on Earth

I am not much of a researcher and I typically tend to write as I think. In the initial days of blogging I used to write a lot for prompts on various blogging sites. One weekend prompt was ‘Yin and Yang’ and I wanted to write something totally off-beat rather than the mundane things people usually talk about when they discuss this topic. A fleeting memory of one of my school races occurred at that moment and how I yelled for water after crossing the finish line. That made me think of how water was at the very heart of creation and has the ability to bring the Yin-Yang balance in life and existence.  Talking of writing something out of the ordinary, I don’t think there is any article of mine that comes even close to this one, and thus it has made it to my top list.

  1. Temple of love and its forbidden tales – Haiku

Now, this one is an all-time favourite. First of all a Haiku and secondly one on the temple of Khajuraho; how could it not be a blog-post which I would remember always. I have a deep connection with Khajuraho, not for what the temple stands for but because there are a lot of childhood memories associated with this place. Yes, the funny thing is I have been to Khajuraho many times but never after I came of age.  What intrigued me most is that the temples speak of such open intimacy of those times and yet it is a taboo to have open conversations in modern times.

  1. Shiva – Haiku

I am a Shaivik and a big believer in the being that Lord Shiva is. This Haiku describes how I perceive him in a nutshell. It was a part of a series in which I wrote a Haiku on Shiva, Shakti, Ram, Krishna and Radha, but I think this one on the revered Blue Lord is the most fascinating and something that I keep going back to whenever I feel the need to recite something for Him. (Did I ever mention that I am a big fan of the Haiku that I write?? 🙂

  1. It’s enough I am returning the Taj Mahal

In these times, when intolerance is defined by those who have bought exclusive rights to it, people are returning something – awards or whatever they can lay their hands on. Even things they don’t own. This is a satirical piece on one such Award Wapasi written by Desh! Though he has written a series of posts on this subject, I truly think this one deserves to be called the best in that category and is a must-read.

  1. Shaadi Shopping: The Bride and not the trousseau

A humorous piece on my own wonderful experiences of trying to find a suitable boy the traditional way! Am sure a lot of images get conjured up the moment one starts speaking on this subject. My parents tried their best to hook me up with someone for an arranged marriage and this post is the saga of all things traditional and mandatory in a North Indian household. While it is hilarious and makes me roll on the floor with laughter at its top notch best; what I went through, and what so many other girls go through is not exactly as funny. This was a small attempt to bring this issue up to the fore.  

  1. Kissing: Exploring the Intimate Act of Love

Again a very well researched piece by Desh. He loves treading on unconventional paths and writing on offbeat and quirky topics as he finds them most challenging. The funny thing about this article is that when I posted it on some Facebook groups to share the piece with the blogging fraternity, a few people threatened to throw me out of the group for sharing such inappropriate topics. It’s a different thing that I chose to quit those groups because I found the threat immature and rather stupid. This isn’t about pornography or anything lewd, but about an act of love. It is well-laid and beautifully presented. But here’s the disclaimer – if the topic interests you, please make sure you pass the maturity test that we have now posted just before the article commences (ofcourse I am kidding – go ahead and enjoy!)

  1. Monument Series: The Electrifying Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a much-loved monument and was my first in the monument series. Well the sad part is that I never got down to writing the second one in this series which was about the Leaning Tower of Pisa (talk about backlog!!), but I really like this one for it talks about my experience of visiting the Eiffel, the emotions I felt during all my visits and the pictures. It’s more of a photo-post though and has some electrifying pictures.

  1. Kauai’s Hindu Monastery or the Iraivan Temple: The Amazing Hindu Temple in Hawaii

Yes, I know that the title read ‘ten’ and I have moved on to number eleven. But I have always believed in one extra ‘for the road’ and had to talk about this one. Desh compiled a series of Spiritual places which he would like to visit with me and this beautiful temple is a part of that series. The pictures do not do justice to the place but the article really makes one yearn to visit the temple. It’s a well presented post with some outstanding pictures that will leave you mesmerised.

Hope you can make time to go through these posts and enjoy reading them and they bring you back to Drishti again and again…

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