What a Spectacle!


Specs – the word itself makes me feel intelligent. It’s no wonder why I’ve always loved wearing my spectacles since school days. My ‘reading whether there is light or it is dark’ habit ensured that my eyes became weak and the solution to that was a wonderful pair of glasses.  That’s when my tryst with ‘the specs’ started and I looked at them as no less than ornaments. Buying a new pair of glasses was a very exciting shopping plan and though I hate admitting it, I wished they kept breaking so I could keep getting newer pairs. But that is a story of the kiddie days gone by and after I bought a blue pair of half-rimmed Hallmark glasses, I never looked for a new pair for a long long time… not until that day!

lenskartlogoI was at my sister’s place when the doorbell rang and a package arrived. An online order from Lenskart! Wow! Not only do I like reading glasses, but I love sun-glasses too, and I obviously assumed that the package must be sunglasses. Who orders spectacles online? My brother-in-law is a big fan of the virtual market, and virtually every single day there is some package arriving for him from some online store. I am always intrigued to see his phenomenal purchases. I kept staring at him till he got the hint that the packet needed to be opened. Well, he was going to open it anyway because the person who delivered it was waiting at the door. To my surprise the packet had three pairs of spectacles. Huh? Again the same question popped up into my mind, “Who orders specs online?” But apparently people do.

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I always thought people liked wearing the glasses and checking out whether they suited them and looked good on them before making a purchase decision. Turns out that Lenskart allows you to do exactly that! They send you three pairs of your choice and you can try them on you. If you like any pair; feel free to keep them, pay for them and return the others to the courier person. And boom! Transaction over! That was so simple and I didn’t know something like that even existed. I immediately looked up their website, secretly making plans for losing my current pair in order to buy a new one online. The concept itself was so exciting.


I loved the Lenskart website. Such a clean, simple and easy to navigate website, with broad sections on eyeglasses, sunglasses, power sunglasses and contact lenses. The best feature was the ‘Try Frames in 3D’ one where using a webcam one can see how the various frames would look and order accordingly. Now that is really cool. And what’s more – you get your first frame free when you order online. You just pay for the lenses you choose for the glasses. I got my frame worth INR 1299 free and had to just pay for the KLAR thin lens which also got me Scratch and UV Coating free too. Indians and free stuff?! Don’t the two words go hand in hand? Well actually, everyone loves freebies and this one is totally worth it.

Lenskart has a very impressive collection and everyone finds something that they like. The glasses for kids are especially cute and the sunglasses collection is also remarkable at very good prices. In short there is something in there for everyone who enjoys wearing spectacles and/ or sunglasses. So, the next time you are thinking of buying a new pair of glasses at a great price, you know where to look.

Happy Spectacle Shopping!

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