Democracy, Demography and Sakshi Maharaj



Democracy: Rule of the people, by the people and for the people. * (Conditions apply)

Who knows those conditions better than the largest democracy in the world. We demonstrate our mastery in every election. Most recently in Bihar where a convicted criminal, who siphoned off crores of public money, was chosen by “his people” viz  Muslims, Yadavs and Kurmis. “His people” because others might not count as vote-bank. Next door, ‘Mulla’ Mulayam Singh Yadav has mastered “Social Engineering” of the Muslim-Yadav combine to transform Uttar Pradesh to Uttam Pradesh.

Democracy is complex because it involves a deep understanding of not just numbers but the unsaid and unseen. Unfortunately, when the demography is unnaturally altered to spin the games of democracy, the existence of a nation is at threat. Demographic invasion of India is a reality that should jolt us from our slumber before it’s too late.

The first census of India in 1951 showed Muslim population at 9.8% of the total population. In 2011, that proportion stands at 14.7%, a 5% increase. In absolute terms,  6 crore disproportionately more Muslims than any other community corresponding to 30 to 40 Lok Sabha seats and roughly 350 to 400 state assembly seats which elect Rajya Sabha members. Yet Muslims remain a minority community. Ironic?

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Sinisterly, as soon as the 2011 census numbers were released by the NDA government, (UPA delayed the release due to 2014 general elections) many intellectuals and scribes jostled to justify this increase. Some suggested ways to leverage this huge asset while some argued that the growth rate has actually slowed down. Some were sympathetic over the plight of the majority of this minority building a case for reservations and some were clearly proud of the Muslim contribution to India’s “growth”.  The Economic times carried four write-ups on the topic in its editorial page on a single day.

The discourse in India is to be politically correct to preserve religious harmony or risk being tagged communal.  But a re-look at global events in the backdrop of history gives a little different view than the one we have been conditioned to see. Perhaps then, we would like to trade our righteousness with some degree of paranoia especially when the security and safety of the country is at stake.

We misunderstood religion as only a matter of faith and completely overlooked its political utility while others used it effectively. Christian missionaries are working tirelessly in the hinterlands to convert millions in the name of God and consolidate soft power. And Muslims are doing what they do best, that is to multiply. The brouhaha over intolerance was to protect those millions of dollars that were being poured into missionary activities and are now choked due to swift actions by Modi Government to ban nearly 10,000 dubious NGOs.

To understand the Muslim threat, lets to go back to history to connect the threads. Islamic expansion since the 7th Century was arrested by the rise of Europeans who became a dominant force by the 17th century. The last Caliphate ended with the fall of the Ottoman empire limiting the Muslim rule to just a few countries. Perhaps, it would have collapsed or assimilated in the local population were it not for the alliance of Muhammad-ibn-Abd al-Wahhab and  Muhammad bin Saud who rekindled and revived a dying religion, a movement termed as Wahhabism or Salafism.  Discovery of petroleum in the Gulf was a major boost to the cause.

Wahabism could be a product of the British Intelligence agent named Hempher but there are no evidences of it except a book on his memoirs. It however indicates how well the British knew to use Muslims and they did it to consolidate their power in India. They exploited the fault lines and divided the Congress by promoting “liberal and easy” leaders like Gandhi and Nehru as part of the greater strategy to prevent uprising of Hindus.

We thought we bought peace with partition and foolishly think there will be peace once Kashmir is solved. Two-nation theory says the only ideology that  Muslims believe in is Islamic nationalism placing it above ethnicity or language.  Its two nations in a single country. Juxtaposing Wahhabism and the two-nation theory, one can clearly see the plot behind massive Arabification of Muslims across the world. Arabic language is being widely promoted across muslim populations. I have nothing against the language but it is a powerful tool to condition minds. Indian Muslims were hailed as role models but the sympathies that ISIS enjoys in India clearly demonstrates the marriage of Islamic nationalism and Wahhabism. Muslims are cajoled into the dream of Islamic Caliphate who will establish Shariah, the rule of Allah.

With influence on 150 Lok Sabha seats and a large number of Rajya Sabha seats, Muslim votes are the meat no political party wants to miss hence they can stoop too low to lick the dirty areas too. However, the situation becomes alarming when the appeasement overwhelms the security. There is enough material available to understand how Congress and the so called “secular” parties played with the security apparatus to appease their vote banks. For instance, when IB stooped down to an ISI agent in Bengal and arrested him, a local politician stormed and gheraoed the Police station securing his release. The state government didn’t even fart. Ref: Betraying India

Coming back to numbers, it was just a 40% Muslim population that could wreck havoc in India in 1946. The book “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat” by Dr.Peter Hammond gives a beautiful illustration of behavioral patterns of the Muslim population varying with sizes. Direct action call by Jinnah proves its theory. The near annihilation of non-muslim population in Bangladesh and Pakistan is another validation to this research. With 15% of population, Muslims have been successful in creating sympathies without being responsible for their own growth and development. The Government has no say in matters of their personal law while the country follows a separate law. No political party has shown courage to defy their opposition to Uniform Civil Code and to build a consensus to implement it. Any tampering with their archaic way of living or a comment on them results in threats of violence and bloodshed.

In last 1500 years, all the countries that were invaded by Islamic rulers lost their original identity and converted into Islam. Iran was Zoroastrian, Egypt was polytheist and pagan. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia were Hindus. It is predicted that Europe will be majority Islam by 2050. An increasing Muslim population, compromised intelligentsia and media, corrupt and biased politicians can jeopardize our country’s stability. I might sound paranoid but I have no qualms after losing 1/3rd of the territory to the same fanaticism not many years ago.

Perhaps it is this paranoia, fear and helplessness that a frustrated common man, who Sakshi Maharaj represents, feels the only way to counter the disproportionate distortions in demography is through bearing more children. This might be an insane thought but how else would one counter each man having four wives and kids as god’s gift. After all, be it business or politics, isn’t it all about numbers ?

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