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Adventure and travel have always been a passion for me, such that I rarely miss an opportunity of adventure travel and adventure in any facet of my life too (am sure my family and close friends will readily vouch for that). So, when a few days back some random person sent me a direct tweet about sending him to the South Pole I was majorly intrigued, left all my work and got drowned in what I saw and what I read. I mean, really? To the South Pole?! I know I know, people have reached the moon ages back, so the South Pole perhaps may not be a big deal for many people, but for me it sure is. I went through the details and realised a cruise company called Oceanwide Expeditions specialises in taking people to the Antarctica and the Arctic. They came up with a contest – a free 32 day-long cruise to the Antarctica for one person who would win the contest. Needless to say that I applied for it!

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In the past I have been on an adventure trip, though not of a similar nature. That was along the Mediterranean coast to help research scientists study Spanish Dolphins. Oh yea, does that sound exciting? It sure was and you could read all about the fun I had here: Dolphin-watch along the Mediterranean Sea.

They say that once you visit the continent of Antarctica you are a changed person. I think that’s a wonderful thought and has a lot of depth in it. And you would know its true once you go through the details of the cruise, the places that you will go to and the experiences that you will gather. I couldn’t resist the temptation of Antarctica. Actually anyone in love with nature, the world and the history and geography of it, glaciers, the Ross sea, hidden treasures, penguins, blue whales and other beings would be fascinated and thoroughly charmed by such an idea. To be honest I was lured completely. Who wouldn’t be? So I put my grey cells to work and answered all their questions.  It was a lot of hard work just applying for it. Nothing in life comes free and even the folks at Oceanwide want to ensure that they have the right kind of people – naturalists, travel freaks, adventure lovers as contestants. Hats off to them for coming up with such a brilliant idea!

And so, you my friend could show your love, click on this VOTE button and add to my brownie points and increase my chances of winning this contest. I am at number 21 out of the current 385 participants. All you need is a Facebook account and you can vote for me. Do make time to go through the details of the contest and my entry too. And those of you who love adventure trips, should participate in this contest as well. You will find all the details once you hit the VOTE button.

Thank you! 🙂

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