Hello ‘Winters’



Oh yes, winter is in quotes because it is so special, the reason being?? I hate winters! Period!

The thought of the arrival of winters just gives me the jitters. Ofcourse it has a lot to do with my Mumbai upbringing and I like summers and love monsoons. I prefer the scorching Mumbai heat and maddening Mumbai rains to the crazy, harsh, cold, grey winters of any place. In Mumbai we had our share of ‘pleasant’ winters, and winter-like winds in the monsoons and that was so cool (pun intended). But winters here in the US? OMG! I don’t even want to get started. Am sure, just reading these first few sentences is going to put off a lot of people because the common verdict has always been pro-winters. My friends from Delhi ofcourse (my husband included) are also going to smirk at me and my stories of winters in Mumbai. But how does it matter, because if I don’t like something I really don’t and nothing changes that. The fact that Mumbai hardly had any winters is a big reason for my ‘I just hate winters’ attitude and I don’t feel bad about it. And infact, a lot of times I have one question – what good does winter do anyway?

Damn Winters are here. And they are COLD! My tryst with American Winters. Click To Tweet

And this season I also have a bigger reason for completing disliking winters. All my beloved plants in which we invested so much time, energy and love are dead. So that’s very depressing and it just adds fuel to the fire, also reminding me of my first real winter experience. Years back when I stepped out of the country for the first time; it was straight to New York – the dream city that so many people love. Ofcourse, so do I! However, that year the US experienced very harsh winters, and despite it being the month of February, it was painstakingly cold. Most of my warmers (all new which had just been purchased for the US trip) were annoyingly useless and the frustration that it led me to was incredible. I almost hated myself for having made that trip. Well, almost, because it was a wonderful city afterall. But the second day itself it also started raining; thus taking the temperatures to sub-zero levels, completing spoiling my new clothes and shoes; and making me curse myself more and more for making that trip. Brrrrr!! That was some experience. What a hilarious situation, right? But only I know what I went through, thanks to the deadly rain and cold combination.

That’s exactly what happened here in Atlanta yesterday. The actual temperature was -6 degrees and thanks to the winds it nose-dived to -13 degrees. This is the lowest temperature I have ever experienced in my life, and even though the heat was on the whole time, it seemed like the winters had taken over my complete house and it would start snowing anytime. I could visualise a flurry white sheet on the furniture in the house. Oh yes, taking about the white blanket, it is quite unusual for it to snow in Atlanta. The mere thought of snow brings life to a standstill here and people refuse to step out of their house. Today a weather warning was issued in the city and all offices witnessed a mass shut-down. Can you imagine people being sent home from their offices just because the weather decided to spiral downwards? When I think of events like July 26 in Mumbai and the mayhem caused by rains, it leaves me speechless that a mere low temperature can cause offices (and not just schools) to close down. Do you now see why I am so fierce and up in arms about my tryst with Mr. Jack Frost here?

But it would be unfair to just keep ranting and not mention the biggest positive of the winters here. Mother Nature’s exquisiteness! The whole atmosphere gets transformed and everything however insignificant it may be becomes a thing of beauty.  Suddenly you want to cling to it all, capture every moment and every spot in your camera so it stays with you forever. It is extraordinarily stunning. I remember the winter pictures of all the cold places that I used to see as a kid. While what I saw made me shiver, I always wondered how it would be to experience such beauty in person, and for that I am really grateful. The snow-covered places are exceptionally striking and the white pine trees make you feel like you are treading a wonderful path in paradise itself. Atlanta is like a green city within a forest and the barren and yet splendid trees make for a spectacular sight. So while the winter season here does make our life terribly difficult, the splendour and magnificence of nature keeps us going. I keep clicking pictures almost on a daily basis. Do check them on my Instagram page as I can’t help but share the gorgeousness I experience.

By the way, are you thinking what I am thinking? Ah yes I guess… the hatred is fast turning into pleasure for starters. Though it will take time to turn into full-fledged love, all I can say is the journey is a beautiful one for sure.

Happy Winters!

Featured Image Source: Flickr

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