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Sometimes when I used to publish articles on my blog I had this fear that people may think either I am ranting about something I dislike or I am going gaga over something I like; and that I think everyone else should like it and go gaga over it too just because I do. So there were many times when I held myself back (not too many times though, thankfully because I can be brave too). If I feel very strongly about something I do tend to express my thoughts and emotions in words and never stop the flow. But that nagging doubt always remained somewhere in my grey cells which sometimes would caution me not to go overboard.

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The way I think now has changed drastically and I have no qualms about expressing myself. But this has only happened because of my readers. And I can never thank them enough. I know I have this habit of continuously showing gratitude towards people who make time to go through what Desh and I write on Drishti, but can’t really help it because ultimately I feel a very strong sense of gratitude, and happily so. Why am I talking about this now? Have you ever felt that you had the feeling of déjà vu when you came across some article or heard someone say something, but either never really had the courage to say or never felt the need to publicly express your opinion/ thoughts? I have felt this way many times. In my recent couple of articles on Drishti some of my readers have openly said that this was exactly how they felt or are feeling, but either never expressed it or didn’t think it was a very important thought.

In my last article:  And I finally adjusted my watch I expressed my feelings candidly. I wasn’t really sure whether people would understand what I was going through or they would just feel I was being silly about not adjusting the time on my watch. But I was pleasantly surprised by not just the comments on the post but direct messages as well telling me that they either could identify with me, or felt the same, or they felt that it was very heart-warming to read someone expressing their feelings this way. Either ways, I was elated and told myself yet again that it wasn’t foolish, unintelligent or silly to express what you felt genuinely. There are many other people in this world who go through similar experiences and even if they don’t talk about how they feel, they can identify with the person who does; and that is such a refreshing and satisfying experience in itself. Even when I spoke about my complete dislike for the cold season in Hello Winters, I sincerely thought that people would smirk at me and roll in the aisles. But guess what, so many people responded saying that they hated the winters and cannot stand the cold. Thank god it confirmed the fact that I a normal human being… LOL. Just kidding!

But what I am trying to get at is that in the normal course of the day and life, you would not land up talking to so many people, express yourself and also know what and how they feel about similar things. There are limitations in that and your voice/ opinion does not necessarily reach the world and create discussions around that subject. But the power of the online pen does exactly that. It connects you with many so many people. They may love you or hate you for what you say, but they LISTEN! Isn’t that amazing? Many people go on to become your closest friends, many admirers and many haters. But it’s all part of the game and the game for sure is a very thrilling one.

At the behest of my dearest husband when I started blogging and spreading the word (thanks to my network and marketing skills about using the network to the fullest!!!) some ‘friends’ really discouraged me. They told me that I was wasting my brilliant self and shooting in the dark because this was the world of twitter and brevity and not some longish and crappy writings. And after studying at an Ivy League this was professional suicide even if I pursued it on the side and not as a full time career. No one does this anymore. While I never thought of it as a career atleast then, it did make me think whether it was the wrong thing to do and whether ‘Ivy Leaguers’ didn’t indulge in such ‘irrational’ and ‘time-wasting’ stuff. You know how I feel now? I laugh… at my dear ‘Ivy League’ fraternity; hysterically!! Because it was all wrong and I have realised that Blogging is a world full of wonderful people and they are ‘real’ human beings who love, laugh and feel just like me. Thank God for Blogging. Atleast I don’t have to think twice before speaking my mind.

Here’s a big hug to all you lovely people out there who have kept the flag of the fraternity flying high. Can you imagine how dull the world would be without us? 😉


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