Affimity: A Social Media Platform that Focuses on Your Interests


When you start off on Facebook you connect with people you know – irrespective of their interests and likes.  Over time when you post content that is of a certain genre, you may get other folks connected to you who share your interests.  So, common interest amongst your connections tends to be an accident as opposed to being built in the design of the Facebook platform.

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Pinterest on the other hand, has interests, but then has content and interactions in ways that are not always conducive to deeper engagement and communication.

What if a platform was built ground up to bring together people related by common interests and provided dynamic interaction medium between everyone?

affimity logoWell, Affimity is a platform just for that.  It has social channels – akin to TV cable – which you can tune into or choose from.   These channels have dedicated curated content and fellow enthusiasts whom you can learn from and share your ideas with. Whether you are a tech geek, science enthusiast, fashionista, or an American Football fan, there is something for everyone.  You can choose multiple channels to have meaningful interactions based on your multi-faceted personality and deepen / enrich your interests!

In this world of constant and humongous information overload, prioritizing what you intake and how you use it is important.  While Facebook is great, but think about it – when you log into your account you see all sorts of content, whether you like it and care for it or not – it is there for you.  Instead of focusing your short time and attention span to things that are most important to you, you end up spending time on things that scatter your mind even further.  However, when a platform like Affimity brings together channels and interests that you care for, then what you see is that which is important to you from your interests standpoint.  It helps you sieve out the unimportant content that doesn’t need or deserve your attention.

You can post your own ideas, pictures, videos, ask questions and conduct polls.  For brands and companies, these ways can help them interact with people focused on specific hobbies and interests in context of their business and even get instant feedback.

Affimity offers its apps on iPhone and Android for free and has amazing website too. You can login using Facebook or simply by adding your information.

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