The White Lady


She called out to me in my dreams
I could hear her speak my name
Her serene gaze and calm voice
Heightened my desires to meet her

She almost stretched her arms
In that very moment I knew
That’s the place I yearned to be in
That was what I was longing for all these years

I commenced my journey
I ran as fast as my feet could carry me
And as I she rose in front of me
I stopped in my tracks, awestruck!

Beauty is but a word
And to call her beautiful was injustice
She was a goddess
Archangelic and divine

A woman of immense strength and power
Who held tempests tight in her bosom
Without flinching at the sting
Without cringing with the pain

She gave me immense love
Tranquillity and tenderness
Wrapped me in her white gown
And put me to rest!

The White Lady: Poetic tribute to the mountain beauty Mont Blanc #poetry Click To Tweet

This poem is written on Mont Blanc – my favourite mountain. Also known as the White Mountains, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest peak in Europe. She is enthralling and you will fall in love with her when you visit her. She is inspiring and here is a tribute to honour her!

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