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It’s amazing how things have changed from the time we went to school and now when our kids are going through the education process. While a lot of things have changed for the better, the one killer aspect is the rising cost of education. It is becoming increasingly difficult for middle income groups to survive the cost of educating their children. And if people have more than one child it can become a serious issue to educate the children. Also, times have changed in a lot of other ways. Children’s aspirations are fiercely different now because of the sheer increase in the number of career options available. It has become imperative more now than ever to plan for a child’s future in order to support the child and partake in her progress and betterment.

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It may sound a bit hilarious but in this era it has become essential for parents to do their homework rather than just help their kids do theirs. My sister has two lovely daughters whose aspirations know no bounds. There are new stories that I hear from them each time we speak and it astonishes me how there so many choices that children are already aware of. The internet ofcourse plays a huge part in it and I feel really good that they already know what they want to do in future – and they happen to be most unconventional career options and not what their parents aspire. However, to help them take the decision of making that choice towards their dream future, we parents have to be well prepared. While doing some research for my sister I stumbled upon the Do Your Homework campaign aimed at helping parents save for a promising future for the apples of their eyes.


The campaign aims to create awareness amongst parents on the need to plan for children’s future, which is basically the first step. It is a rallying cry to parents to carve out a better future for their children. Interestingly, there is a micro-site that one can go through to get more familiar with the rising costs of education, because it would almost be impossible to calculate or predict the cost of a chosen career option 15 years from now across various countries. The site has interesting content around planning and investments and some lovely children’s books to help children explore various careers themselves.

As part of the campaign, parents were asked to do their homework at Crossword Bookstores and & Kidzania in Mumbai for a period of 3 weeks. This exercise was done to figure out if the parents were on the same page as their children with regards to their children’s careers. Both, parents and children were initiated into the painting experiment, shown an education calculator and also made aware about planning well in order to be future-ready. Also, ‘The HomeWork App’ has been developed and can be downloaded on mobiles to help calculate educate costs to enable making informed decisions for the future. In fact there was an earlier investor education awareness campaign – Save Less & Share More which is also worth going through from the saving for the children’s future aspect.


Axis Do your homework


Do watch this wonderful video to get more insights on what children of today really aspire for, to be ready to help them in their journey and accomplishment of their goals.

Happy Investing!

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