Blog Anniversary: Happy First Birthday Drishti



Birthdays are so much fun and when it is the birthday of the little baby you raised and nurtured, the happiness is multi-fold. So turns out that exactly a year back on this day, Desh and I finally decided to say, ‘get set go’ and waved the green flag to venture into the beautiful world of written expression, together. It was a special day for us and also the most perfect day to launch our dream website; which we christened ‘Drishti’ – our temple of love where both of us would share our experiences, stories and a lot more. A joint website run by a couple who is passionate about writing was indeed a very endearing thought and we sincerely think Drishti is the best thing that happened to us. And we’ve reached the Blog Anniversary milestone today!

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The year-long journey has been stupendous and it has helped us look at the brighter side each day. So many positives that now we just count our blessings. All we can say is that with each passing day we scaled greater heights. They say nothing succeeds like success and that’s what Drishti did to us. Except the month of November where we couldn’t manage to do much activity on the blog, every single month only saw us climbing the glorious ladder of accomplishment. People achieve a lot in life which leaves them a content soul. Different things motivate different people and help them achieve a sense of ‘nirvana.’ For us, writing on Drishti did that. Expression is the ultimate form of communication, and when that expression is heard and read by many other like-minded folks, the whole experience becomes extra special. If not for our wonderful readers I wouldn’t be writing this post today. And we both can never thank you enough for the support, encouragement and motivation that your readership, feedback, comments and love have given us.

Drishti’s Statistical Journey

Knowing the crazy numbers person I am, this Blog Anniversary message would be thoroughly incomplete without presenting some statistics of how this journey has been.

One year stats for Drishti
One year stats for Drishti


Top 15 Posts for 2015
Top 15 Posts for 2015


Top Posts 2016
Top 3 Posts for 2016

Contest: Sharing is Caring, spread the love for Drishti

We all learn a lot from our peers, especially from the same fraternity. So have we! Hence we wanted to make this day exceptional for you and include you in the celebration of our enthralling journey. Here’s an interesting (so we would like to believe) contest (for the lack of a better word)! Nope – no ‘liking Facebook pages’, ‘following us on twitter and Instagram’ instructions nor any other request; because I believe you will do those out of love for us anyways. We thought this would be a special day to gather love, your love for Drishti. All we want you to do is come up with a creative one-liner on what you think about Drishti or what Drishti means to you. Just write the one-liner in the comments section below. A small panel of judges (nope, not Desh and I) will pick up the three best entries (no parameters, just pure love) and they will receive an Amazon Gift Voucher of INR 1,500 each. How does that sound? Sharing is caring and this is our way of sharing the love that we have received.

So write on buddy, get creative; we are eagerly waiting for your one-liner… what are you waiting for?

Love, Desh and I 🙂

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