Come, Travel with Archie!



 Travel makes me feel like a bird,

Travel gives me a sense of freedom,

Travel makes me come alive!

Finally the day to paint the town red has arrived, after a long long time. The travel bee in the bonnet kept stinging for a few years. It led to the conceptualisation of an age-old dream; and the blood, sweat and tears took shape after many blue moons.  The eager beaver in me who kept talking about it in so many interviews ultimately made it a possibility and that’s how Travel with Archie came into existence. When your dream project takes off you are thrilled to bits and that’s how I have been since the day my husband and I started some serious work on our travel website. It took time, but finally it has taken the shape I always wanted it to, and am as pleased as punch to present my new-born!

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Drishti gave me my much desired freedom of expression, and the confidence that I can take my stories to the world and there will be people who will listen, eagerly! It’s thanks to the year-long love, appreciation, support and encouragement that you have showered on me and my tales that has led me to accomplishing one more dream project. Though this is just the beginning and I have miles to go before I can even think of taking a nap, I am delighted that the runway we worked on building for quite some time is ready and my dream craft is about to take off! It wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and perseverance of my beloved husband Desh, who has tolerated all my idiosyncrasies, been very patient with me and my eccentric ideas and once again turned my fantasies into a beautiful reality. Thanks honey!

A shout out to all my dear readers who have supported me right from the word go, to come hop over into my plane and fly with me on Travel with Archie. The journey starts with my travel stories, some tips that I have gathered and learnt over the years, numerous reviews on hotels, restaurants, attractions and travel accessories, exclusive pictures from all my travels and a lot more. The plan is to take the stories to newer dimensions and do a lot more in the travel space, but at snail pace; slowly and gradually. But for all those wonderful plans to turn into reality, I need your support and love once again.

Do subscribe to Travel with Archie so that you get your daily dose of some exciting excursions. Being a junket junkie, I can assure you that there is something in it for all you travel buffs. Yes – ALL!! Because there is a travel buff in us all, all set to take off when the moment presents itself! I’d love to bring you those moments and who knows, god-willing; very soon we may take off together….

“So, ladies and gentlemen, Captain Archie has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your worries aside, take your seat and fasten your seat belt. We remind you that this is a non-stop fun flight and not being in the moment and enjoying every minute is strictly prohibited during the entire journey, as per the one hundred commandments written by Captain Archie. If you have any questions about today’s flight and those to come, please don’t hesitate to ask your Captain. You know where and how to reach her. Thank you.”

Enjoy the set of videos we made to get the ball rolling and don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel for all the anticipated fun in the near future…

Love, Archie



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