Pure Love


The rumour of your arrival
Sets my heart racing
I can’t help but wait…
With bated breath

But how do I know
You will be by my side
You never allow me
The joy of anticipation

 It’s the air that tells me
When it blows so bitter cold
The backdrop transforms
Grey to silvery…

There’s that sweet smell
In the breeze
The prospect of you with me
Ah, sweet turns sugary!

And then I see you,
That small white form
That gets bigger
And better…

From a mere silhouette
To a bright light
As I close my eyes
To visualise you!

When I open my eyes
My spirits fly high
At the discernible
Achromic expanse

Such metamorphoses
The world bows! And moi?
Oh! My dearest snow
I love you so…

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The words say it all, but I still want to say something. It’s a beautiful day outside today. It was cold this morning and then slowly and steadily flurries began to say hello to us… and after a while the whole atmosphere changed. From flurries to snowfall. How beautiful. I love writing everyday, its a habit now; but this morning I faced a writer’s block and my pen couldn’t think of what it should put on paper. I sauntered around the whole house trying to look for some meaningful work to kill those ineffectual counterproductive thoughts of “Oh my god, is this really a writer’s block?”. Just when I put the last lot of clothes into the washer… thoughts of my snow-filled deck came to my mind with the words… “Oh! my dearest snow, I love you so.” I rushed to my desk close to the huge window, which overlooks the highway. The flurries were still going strong and I just typed away… the words flew.. through my mind’s window into my soul.. I took a deep breath, enjoyed the feeling and then allowed the rubber to hit the road. So here it is. I hope you like the poem as much as I loved penning it. Here are some pictures that we clicked today and also a quick visual treat.

Happy winters once again my dear folks!


Desh and I getting a selfie before the whites decide to melt!
Desh and I getting a selfie before the whites decide to melt!



You know who!! :-)
You know who!! 🙂



The deck full of snow...
The deck full of snow…


The snow filled environs outside home...
The snow filled environs outside home…




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