He, Me and Superman



When it is love in question there’s anxiety, butterflies in the tummy, stars everywhere and oodles of anticipation. Ofcourse I was going through all this and more when I was seeing my then beau – now my husband! It was a long distance relationship and finally when he came down to my city to meet me in flesh and blood, I wanted to have some fun. Lots of fun actually but right now I am referring to the mischievous kind of fun. You know what I mean, right? So the impish little girl in me decided to play a frolicsome prank with him, just for the kicks that day. The day right after my birthday, another planned date.

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It was raining heavily and he had already reached our meeting place – the coffee shop in a popular mall. He didn’t know I had planned to watch a movie together later that day and that I had already bought the tickets. I was late and took this opportunity to make him nervous and restless. So as I waited for a cab, while the cats and dogs decided to fall down non-stop, I called him to tell him that I was going to be late and that I needed him to meet someone… my ex! He heard me and then there was that silent longish pregnant pause! The pause became a little too long on that side of the phone, and this side of the phone (me!!) there was a laughter brooding in the tummy, waiting to burst into a thousand bubbles. But that had to wait. He braved the moment and said, “okay sure.” He knew at that moment I loved no other and was so open to actually meeting an ex of his present time lover. Well, I don’t think I gave him too much of a choice. Did I?

Luckily the cab happened to me right after the phone call and his wait was reduced to a few minutes. On reaching the coffee shop I behaved as if nothing had happened, while his face was noteworthy. It looked like the earth had slipped from beneath his feet and he did seem quite uncomfortable. I sat there all chirpy, bubbly and happy to see him; gave him a peck on his cheek and apologised for being late. And then continued talking like the world was never going to end. We ordered coffee and pastries and he asked the million dollar question, “So when are we expecting… err… him?” I looked at him sheepishly and said, “He’ll be here at 1 p.m.” “Okay” he replied and got back to sipping his unending cold coffee. He kept shifting in his chair while I kept smiling and talking about I have no clue what. Man, was I enjoying this torture!! I know I know, I am a sadist, but it was just for a while.

Fifteen minutes before 1 p.m., I told him we had to leave. He was rather confused and asked me whether we were meeting ‘him’ elsewhere. I said, “Yes, we have decided to meet at our favourite place.” His face had a million dollar look, no, nope – let’s make that a trillion! I held his hand and walked straight to the PVR theatres which were in the mall itself. He was super confused. I showed him the tickets and now he was even more befuddled. I am sure he was thinking, “What the hell, do I have to watch a movie with her ex in tow?” I was lolling with laughter within, but had to keep a serious and straight face, which I think had turned white by then. I led him into the theatre and when we reached the auditorium I let the cat out of the bag in a very serious tone. “Honey, I want you to meet my ex-boyfriend and eternal lover – Superman! Please don’t be harsh to him.”

He heaved a sigh of relief and gave me a tight slap on my butt and then compensated it with a tighter hug, saying, “You bad girl, I should have known your trick!!!” We laughed till we could laugh no more and our tummies hurt. He held my hand as we settled in our seats. The lights dimmed and after that I wasn’t sure I looked at Superman at all.

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