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There are a thousand things that come to my mind on a daily basis. Ideas, thoughts, brainwaves, the list is endless. Some things excite and motivate me a lot, and yet there are a lot of others which are very exciting but not do-able. One idea excited me for the longest that I can remember. Being a travel freak, I always wanted to recount my travel stories to the world. What I saw, whom I met, what I did; and again this list is endless. As humans we tend to observe and then process so many things at once. Often times I feel we are really like our evolutionary forefathers – the apes, even now. Million thoughts keep running through our minds all the time. And which thought is the one that we should focus on repeatedly becomes the million dollar question.

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Coming back to my most favourite, thrilling and happy thought! The travel one! It’s been years since I have been thinking of doing something about it. Initially with a full time corporate job it was tough. No, actually, it wasn’t tough. The truth is I did not really know what to do with it, or what to do about it. And so, I used my ‘notes’ section on Facebook very efficiently and effectively. I started penning down whatever came to my mind and a lot of my friends appreciated it. Though it was very rare, perhaps once in six months, but it was fun nonetheless. Before I forget, though the corporate stints kept me very busy, I never stopped doing my favourite activity – traveling! And thank god for that.

Whenever I felt that if I kept a story inside me, my tummy would burst, I immediately opened my computer and wrote about it on Facebook. That dates back to 2010 I suppose. This saga continued for a long time, until I met my future husband, who happened to be a prolific writer. Now, being someone who was super passionate about writing he kept pushing me to write, and write more often. Ofcourse, this after he saw my past writings! But the lazy I never really heeded to his advice too much. I kept coming up with some excuse or the other and still continued writing on my Facebook notes section.

One fine day, he got fed up of trying to tell me, cajole me and coax me into writing. He just went ahead and designed a beautiful Blog called ‘Drishti’. Did he leave me any choice? I started writing there and enjoyed every bit of it. Thank god for small mercies and the wonderful things that husbands do. The recognition from friends and the fraternity kept me going and finally the blog was nearing its first birthday. That’s when there was a crazy itch in my heart. The long forgotten yearning came to the fore and I discussed it with my husband. He was delighted and started work on it immediately. And that’s how I finally started my Travel Blog: Travel with Archie on 8th February 2016. That was the day I finally decided that I will do what my heart says. Not only will I travel, but from this moment on I will narrate all my travel adventures and stories to the world.


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