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I think I read a quote somewhere which said something so real about music – that music can change lives, whether you are having a good day or a bad day, music is so powerful that it can uplift your mood and change everything around you. If you sit back and reflect on it, you would know that it is cent percent true. Music has that clout and can make a positive difference to almost anybody, whether they have any ear for music or not. I can proudly claim that I was brought up with music around me. Mom used to love listening to the radio and it would be on for many hours throughout the day. I got used to the habit of listening to the radio before sleeping. Oh yes, those days it was the radio!!

archaic radio

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Slowly and steadily, times changed and the radio gave way to stereos and tape-recorders. I changed with the changing times too and would listen to my favorite cassette before sleeping. Most often, I would fall asleep listening to the soulful melodies of the 70s and 80s. I think mom would then switch it off later.  In a lot of ways I am very old school as far as music is concerned. I still prefer the good old Bollywood music. I have no idea which genre it falls into. I guess it would suffice to say that my favorite is Bollywood music, because it is a genre in itself. Thank god, my husband is the same and loves Hindi music. In fact sometimes, when he plays his most loved numbers, I tease him that those songs are from ‘his era’. I have seen couples with such different taste in music and I often wonder how they relate with each other. For me, music is a language in itself and it sure helps bring people close to each other. So in a close relationship, when both have a different taste in music, it must be difficult to cope up, unless one partner is very understanding.

Guitar stringsMusic binds us together – Desh and I. I still remember our first long drive. I think it was a 5 hour drive and only he was driving. It was getting dark and I think he was feeling sleepy on the wheel too. We switched on the music, and sang aloud the whole way, sometimes even just humming and sometimes dancing too. I think that would be me most of the time, as it would be difficult for him to dance while at the wheel, but sometimes he does those wonderful hand movements and his amazing gestures while singing real loud.  Not only does the drive become an absolute delight, but I feel it brings us that much more close; because we talk about these happy times over and over again. It is like – play the moment, pause the memories, stop to relive them and rewind the happiness. (Did I get all the buttons on the music player right?).

We can’t go a day without listening to music. In fact music helps us focus on work. As an aside, when we are listening to music while working we tend not to talk and disturb each other too. ROFL!! It is a great booster. I remember how music used to help me while studying especially during the Boards and University exams. It may sound strange, but I used to wake up at 4 a.m., get ready and be at my study desk. The first thing I would do is put the earphones connected to my Walkman in my ears and start the music. (ya, those were the Walkman days too… sigh… fossil times I tell you). Once I would open my books for studies, I would go on for hours on end thanks to the music. It was so uplifting and refreshing at the same time. I never felt tired and those days I would study almost the whole day taking very small and quick breaks for obvious reasons.

lady playing a pianoThe one little thing that I regret in my life is not being able to create music! It is such a wonderful feeling to play some musical instrument and create your own music. I admire people who do that. They bring so much joy and happiness to the others in this world, like all the musicians. I think they deserve a bow for the magic that they create and make this world such a beautiful place to be in.

Music is truly the window to the soul. Without music, life would be such a drag. And it is true that music speaks volumes and connects hearts and souls when words fail. It’s a world within itself. But I have to share one thing that I have read off the internet over and over; and each time I spot it again I have a rollicking laugh. When you are happy you enjoy the music, but when you are sad you understand the lyrics. Oh well… it is true too, ain’t it? What do you think? 😉


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