That fateful day



We were inseparable, Ram and I. While some called us Siamese twins, I am very well aware that many prided on calling us ‘that’ type. Okay, but why must I be so hush-hush about it. They used the ‘gay’ word. Initially it bothered me to no end, but whenever I approached the topic with Ram he always laughed it off singing “Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna” ; and me? I always admired his resilience not to be affected by practically anything. Actually I admired him completely. I don’t think there was any other who I held in such high esteem. Not only was Ram my best friend since childhood, but he was also my role model. I had never known someone who was so well to do, erudite, humble! You name it and every good adjective in the dictionary was the perfect fit for him.

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Have you ever thought of how the pangs of separation feel? I was beginning to feel them and the pangs only grew stronger and stronger with each passing second. Here we were at our much loved place by the sea, the wonderful beach that was our haven in good and bad. A place that was no less than a temple for us. We hid here as kids and even as grown-ups this place never ceased to offer us the tranquillity that we needed many a times. But today, even this place did nothing, meant nothing. It was a low tide and we could almost see the waterbed. We anchored our boat and kept walking towards the water. I think we walked for a couple of hours and no water in sight. Just the two of us and the deafening silence between us.

Neither felt the need to speak a single syllable, for get a word. But that was us; we never really needed to speak. Each other’s company meant the world to us. But today the silence felt like mourning. I know this was not for life and Ram would come back some day, but the thought that he was going away to the US for five years of studies was killing me. Ofcourse I was happy for him, but today I really wondered if he understood what he meant to me, what his place was in the life I led, the lonely life I led; which began and ended with him. Was this love or was this something far beyond it I know not. I only know that these footprints that we were setting in the sands of time today were going to be my saviour for the next few years. That thought made me smile at last and that’s when I heard Ram heaving a sigh of relief. Our hearts were heavy with the thought of bidding goodbyes for the next five years, but the consolation was that we knew they would beat for each other in this lifetime and for lifetimes to come. Best friends forever!


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