A flight fuelled by love


My favorite definition of ‘home’ is a safe heart-warming place where one experiences secure relationships, love, mutual respect and affirmation. It is a place where people understand each other and believe in the concept of sharing and nurturing relationships. The people in it may not be perfect but they share a deep bond and believe in loving back. I felt exactly like this when I was flying back from New York to India via London a couple of years back, after a long and tiring business trip.

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British Airways 2It was a British Airways flight and it was my first time with them. Though after such a demanding trip I would have preferred to fly in business class, but since the office allowed an economy ticket I did not have much of a choice. I was flustered with the thought of sitting in a cramped up place for so many hours at a stretch. It was really bothering me when a sweet air-hostess walked up to me with a bottle of water and asked whether I would also like some juice. I didn’t realise, but in the madness of dragging the carry-on along with my laptop bag and settling in the airplane, my throat was completely parched. Water was exactly what I needed. It almost felt like telepathy. It was a very touching gesture; and she hit the nail on the head as I felt the surge of warmth flow from her to me. Her radiant smile was really reassuring. In those few moments I felt at ease and I knew there was nothing to worry about because I was in safe hands. All I needed to do was to sit back, relax; and enjoy the flight and excitement of going back home after a month.

I had a glass of apple juice and closed my eyes as I rested my head on the head-rest. I felt a sense of relief on thinking how the hostess struck a chord with her positive service-oriented attitude. When I felt a bit reinvigorated I picked up the in-flight magazine where I learnt that British Airways had been flying to India for over 90 years and they fly into most of our metros every day. It didn’t seem like they were strangers. It was apparent that they were fuelled by love for India and had set high service standards by also customising their products and services to suit us Indians. This only happens if there is mutual respect and it showed in their services.

It was a very relaxing flight. As the aircraft started its descent into Mumbai I knew I was going to fly British Airways very often. This is a beautiful video that portrays the commitment of British Airways towards India. It is a must-watch!

Happy Flying!

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