From Ladies to Gentlemen: A Gift of Love



My husband and I were off to a party where a friend of ours was celebrating his 50th birthday and the big point of discussion was what the perfect gift for such an occasion would be. It has always been such a tough decision to think of gifts for men. Somehow, we keep running out of ideas. A lot of it is thanks to me throwing old school ideas of perfumes, after-shaves, formal shirts and belts out of the window. I know, perhaps these are things that women rave about gifting to their male friends, but honestly these are a big no for me, as I am done and over with them.

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Traditionally, Indians have exchanged gifts on every occasion, be it festivals, parties or just get-togethers. Every occasion is an excuse to give a gift and this is something I simply love. The custom of gifting is so deep rooted in our culture. To be honest there is no dearth of gifting ideas (those that I mentioned above, the ones I have already thrown out of my bedroom window). But times have changed. Both parties – the one gifting and the one at the receiving end aspire for stylish, unique and personalised gifts which are a true personification of their own style and status. And arguably so, given the rise in incomes and huge exposure to global trends! So, we were back to square one – what was going to be that perfect something that would bring a broad smile to our friend’s face?

Now, to let you in on a little secret: between us, I am a bit more flamboyant than my husband and hence I took the liberty of suggesting Scotch.  As suspected, the discussion went on from what should we gift to whether there is acceptability of Scotch as a gift for men, especially when presented by women! After much ado, we eventually decided that we should gift our friend a bottle of some popular Scotch.

Whisky celebritiesCoincidentally, I was going through news when I read about the unveiling of the Scotch Whisky Collection as exceptional gifts for men by United Spirits.  The event saw renowned personalities and gorgeous women celebrities of the likes of Lisa Haydon, Chitrangada Singh and Shibani Dandekar, who shared their thoughts on the Scotch Whisky Collection as the perfect gift for men. That helped seal our decision and we decided to pick up a bottle from the popular brands under the Scotch Whisky Collection, which entails a premium range of scotch whiskies; my personal favourites being VAT69, Black & White and Black Dog.

Whether it is to unwind, raise a toast or simply experience the warmth of the liquid going down the throat there’s an exquisite blend for each moment. No dilemma anymore!

Whisky collection

This post is intended for audience above 25 years as we believe in Responsible Drinking!


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