Indo-Pak T20 Cricket: Is it a crime for artists to charge for their work?

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” ― Oscar Wilde
Written by Archana Kapoor


I generally stay away from controversial topics. Those are beautifully handled by my husband and I have always been proud of the way he writes. But this morning, I got completely disheartened by a comment made by a friend from the blogging fraternity. She meant no offense I know, but it made me very sad. And this article is a result of that comment – on what my thoughts were on Amitabh Bachchan charging for singing the National Anthem at the Eden Gardens , because I went gaga on how beautifully he sang and how there was no way that India could have lost that match which witnessed such a prodigious opening!

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After the stupendous win by Team India on Saturday night, I went berserk and posted many status updates on Facebook (People who know me well, know that I hate the C of Cricket, but oh well!!), couple of them being:

Facebook Status Update

Facebook Status Update


Facebook Status Update

Facebook Status Update

The story goes like this…

It was a lazy Sunday morning in Atlanta and the last thing one would want to do is to get up from the couch. But crazy nationalists and patriots that we are, we always stand for our National Anthem even at home (and no – this is isn’t showing off, because I know most people who would stand in a movie theatre because of ‘what others will think if we don’t’, wouldn’t do it in the confines of their cozy homes!). And that moment was transformed into an ‘aha’ moment of sheer delight as we (as did the millions watching the war… errr cricket match at Eden Gardens), saw Amitabh Bachchan hold the mike to sing. And as he sang… OMG! That moment and feeling cannot be described in words! As we sang along with him, tears rolled down our cheeks. Yes I am the types who would cry while watching an emotional movie right in the theatre, but I never imagined I would get so emotional while listening to the Big B sing our Anthem. His majestic baritone (as an article quoted) made the already soulful Anthem even more meaningful, beautiful and hard-hitting, touching our very souls in a manner like no one else could ever have. How could anyone who has even an iota of patriotism and loyalty towards India not have moist eyes when the country’s Anthem is being sung by the best voice of the country? Who wouldn’t get goose bumps?

Amitabh Bachchan singing the National Anthem at Eden Gardens

Amitabh Bachchan singing the National Anthem at Eden Gardens

But shame and how! We wonderful people have an even more wonderful knack of turning moments of beauty into moments of misery. I have no idea why and who would ever raise a stink over Big B lending his voice to the nation on such an important day and such an important event and charging for it. First of all that is a stupid lie conjured by even more lowly and stupid people. And secondly, before being the Legend that Amitabh is, he is an artist. That is what he does for a living. And for God’s sake, why can’t an artist charge for his performance? Is that a crime? Does it make the artist any less patriotic? Does it make him any less loyal towards his motherland? Does that act of professionalism make him a coward and a laughing stock? And if that is true, then all of us should start working for free, for I truly believe that there is an artist in each one of us. We don’t have to be painters, sculptors, dancers and actors to qualify as an artist. According to me, an artist is a person who is skilled at some activity, using his/ her gray cells creatively. Don’t we all do it? So either we all stop asking for compensation in return or like Amitabh Bachchan we also find a savior in Sourav Ganguly who can help us prove our loyalty and patriotism towards our great nation with the help of such press releases. So it transpires that not only did the Big B not charge for singing the National Anthem, but also paid for his own hotel and flight expenses!  How much will we politicize things and use them for some twisted benefit?

I am intolerant now!

Sometimes I wonder if we can get more ridiculous than this. Perhaps we can and the future will see us stooping to lower levels. But I have decided to leave apathy behind and wear the tag of intolerance since everyone is flaunting it these days; and speak up against such imbecility and lunacy.

But what about you, will you do the same?

Image Source: Amitabh Bachchan


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