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Call me a die-hard romantic (am sure my husband vouches for this one) or call me someone who believes that you meet people for a reason, I love when things that are destined to happen, happen! Meeting people in the strangest of places, in the most weird and unexpected way and then rising in love in a way that you never imagined, may seem like a fairy tale to some; but to me it is something that happens to real people, for it happened to me! Having said that let me confess that I do love Nicholas Sparks and his writing. I’ve read a lot of criticism about his books and many people also call him a cry baby… but then when it is all about love, emotions are raw and they show completely, don’t they? Just like fragrance, these emotions can never be hidden. And that’s what this book is all about.

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I picked up a real book after a long time, thanks to being unwell. I had bought See Me during my India trip last November and it was gathering dust (well, not really) in one of my book shelves. Since I wanted to do some light reading, I thought Nicholas Sparks would be the best pick and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The book was very gripping and I totally forgot that I was unwell. Now, that’s what a good book is supposed to do, isn’t it? Make you forget the rest!  I am happy I read it. Not only did it restore my faith in love but also the fact that it is never too late to change for the better.

See Me: The Story

See Me - The Beautiful Cover of a Beautiful Love Story
See Me – The Beautiful Cover of a Beautiful Love Story

The story revolves around two very strong characters – Colin and Maria. Two people who were struggling in their lives and the last thing they wanted was a partner to fall in love with and have a steady & serious relationship.

Colin Hancock – a 28 year old smashing looking hunk with a history of violence, bad decisions and bad family relationships is trying his best to give life a second shot and boy is he trying hard. The worst is that all his actions are being followed very closely by a cop who is all set to put him behind bars for life, because he truly thinks that is where Colin belongs given his past misdeeds. But Colin is completely determined to walk the straight line and follow the good path by single-mindedly focusing on getting his teaching degree and aspiring to become a teacher for third graders. He tries his best to use up his energies by pumping his muscles for hours in the gym and being a cage fighter to ensure that his inherent rage has a better outlet which won’t take him to prison again.

Maria Sanchez is the gorgeous dark-haired beauty, a hardworking lawyer, daughter of Mexican immigrants who tried their best to fit into their new world and succeeded to a large extent. A traumatic history caused by her work leaves her in a fragile state and compels her to leave work, return to her home town and seek a new life there. She is the perfect picture of predictable success. A lovely girl who gets a degree from Duke Law School and a job at a prestigious firm in Wilmington; Maria has a seemingly flawless professional track record. But as they say life strikes anytime and she is back to her home town questioning every belief that she lived with until now.

As luck would have it, Colin and Maria meet at an unexpected place, where she is stranded in the middle of nowhere and her car refuses to go further. Colin, normally someone who wouldn’t bother decides to lend her a hand and that chance encounter on the rain-swept road changes the course of both their lives. It was bound to happen, they were meant to fall in love but that was something that neither dreamed nor wanted. And, as their relationship unfolds and moves to higher dimensions, Maria’s worst nightmares begin to take shape and her past starts catching up, threatening Colin to return to his old ways in order to save Maria.

It is a beautifully weaved story, very un-Nicholas Sparks like wherein the central characters are put to test in the most terrifying ways. Will love stand the test of time despite the threatening events that wreak havoc in Maria’s life, will they be able to uphold the future that they dared to dream of or will the demons from the past lives destroy them and their love? It is a thrilling story filled with suspense, fear and love. It is a great reminder that love can move mountains only if we have the eyes to recognize it.

My verdict: It’s a must read for those who believe in the power of love!

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