Hypocrisy: The new buzz word! Shhh… (I am talking about Khajuraho!)


It’s very difficult for me to fathom how people can say one thing and do another. That’s the definition of a hypocrite, isn’t it? The dictionary meaning defines the word as: ‘a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially person whose actions belie stated beliefs. Moral of the story: exactly what I mentioned in the first line. You may wondering why I am going on non-stop about the word hypocrisy which is perhaps just another word in today’s world. So here’s the story: 

Today I wrote about the Khajuraho Temples and my frequent visits to Khajuraho, during childhood, on my travel site – Travel with Archie. You can read the whole post here: Exotic and Erotic: The Mesmerizing Temples of Khajuraho. This is one topic very close to my heart as there are lot of memories attached with our Khajuraho visits. We hail from Uttar Pradesh with half the family living in Madhya Pradesh; and Khajuraho was a place where we would go often. It was also an amazing father and daughter time, because most of my memories are also associated with the amount of fun I had with my dad. When you read the story you will know what I mean. I have been meaning to write about it for a long time and finally today I got down to doing it, and happily so. Now the most obvious thing to do as a blogger is to share what you write with the world. And that’s exactly what I did.

Height of Hypocrisy

Reaction? Amazing!!! Unexpected. Why? Because of the number of brickbats people hurled at me. For? Writing about Khajuraho and the temples and what they signify, and how the woman played a very dominant role during those eras. Did I write about eroticism or anything dirty or sexual? No! You can read the post and you will know for yourself. It is a mere travelogue, something that would bring a smile to anyone who reads it, along with some details of the temple, travel tips and an amazing video that depicts the dominance of women. How bad was that? Sigh… Hypocrisy at its best, isn’t it?

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In some Facebook groups where I share my posts regularly – one person commented saying, ‘Immorality’ – I didn’t bother to reply. But I was shocked by the mere thought of someone from the Western world (that claims to be so fast and forward) talking about immorality. But in another group that has folks from one of our neighboring countries (the most friendly neighbor at that – need I specify?), the women went totally berserk. One hurled this comment at me: “How cud anyone go there with family….i even read the article with eyes closed🙈🙈..” You get the hint right? She enjoyed reading it, but somehow she managed to do it with closed eyes! Morality at its best! Wow… now that is a real feat ain’t it? When I told her it was fantastic and that she could perhaps also reproduce that way, another good Samaritan came to her rescue.  She said, “You are not meant to produce family in front of your FAMILY..” Hmm, true that; but I just didn’t understand how the post or the temples or for that matter the pictures forced her to reproduce in front of others! The question that kept haunting me was – did these people and their children just appear out of nowhere or was there an ‘act’ that helped them enter this beautiful world of ours?

I am not a great proponent of open sexual conversations, but I can’t even comprehend what the fuss is all about. Supposedly, we all live in a mature world, where grown-ups discuss various topics, where bloggers write about various topics. How come some become a taboo? Especially when those very topics form the basis of this world. It is no wonder that people die out of curiosity and treat women so badly and indulge not only in inappropriate behavior but also take it to extremes to the levels of what poor Nirbhaya had to face! Keeping everything hush hush in public and then doing every pathetic disrespectful activity in private which leads to the worst consequences? That to me seems the epitome of morality in the real sense! Why oh why do people do this? These very women and men who push every question under the carpet are the ones who land up breeding future rapists and serial killers too, who thrive on torture and not just inappropriate behavior. Pick up psychology as a subject and you will know that suppressing curiosity has the most devastating effects.  Again, I repeat – I am NOT a proponent of speaking about sex in public. However, I am surely a proponent of sex education and answering basic questions when kids come of age, a certain age – decided by the parents. I still wonder how all schools don’t have it as part of their syllabus yet!

Parents – please do not be hypocrites under the pretext of morality. Because your hypocrisy is helping you raise a child who will get his answers through inappropriate means anyways, but perhaps will turn out to be two-faced – exactly like you! Is that what you want?

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P.S. I’ve purposely put the same featured image as that of the post… bring it on people…

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