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Days just fly past, especially when you have a lot to accomplish. Due to my travels and office work, the one thing that got completely ignored is the renovation of my new farm house. Home decor was pending for months now, and I realized that the time had come for completion of the pending work, which we had to stop mid way because of the office emergencies in the past few months. I was browsing through some magazines that I had bought some time back to get some ideas and suddenly I heard a voice. The same voice that had pleaded me for food exactly two months back.

Farmhouse : Asian style houses by Biome Environmental Solutions Limited
A sample that I really liked – Courtesy – Homify.in

I was taking a stroll after dinner one day, as is my usual habit. It was a beautiful night, breezy and cool, and suddenly my cell phone buzzed. I stopped by a parked car to take the call and was totally engrossed in the phone call. It was a friend whom I hadn’t spoken to in ages. The conversation went on for some time, there was so much catching up to be done. I kept looking into oblivion while talking. It’s only after a while that I realized that someone was vying for my attention.  I was at the fag end of my conversation anyways, and hung up in a minute. The moment I did that, the man who was staring at me walked towards me, as if he was just waiting for me to get off the phone. Strange! Because I couldn’t really place him. When he walked towards me, it struck me that he was a handsome young man. Good looking to the core. He was wearing a crisp white shirt which almost looked like designer wear, paired with very well fitted black trousers. As he came closer I could even get a whiff of the perfume he was wearing, and it did seem a designer brand too.

He walked closer and looked me in the eye directly, albeit with a pleading look and said, “Brother I am very hungry.”

Okay, cool! As a reflex action, I immediately told him to go eat if he was hungry. To my utter surprise, he responded by saying, “But I don’t have any money.” Now that surprised me even further because through his attire he came across as a man from a well to do family, what with the expensive perfume, crisp ironed clothes et al. And he looked so pleasing that it was too difficult for me to turn him down. I thought for a few seconds. Unfortunately, since I had just come down for a stroll after dinner, I left my wallet at home. But I knew that there was a 50 rupee note in my shirt pocket. I removed that and gave it to him saying, “This is all I have right now brother. Please get something to eat.”

He took the money, patted my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Brother, you will never ever be hungry”, and vanished. Yes, he just vanished into thin air and I saw a puff of smoke for two to three seconds after that. He just vanished into thin air! For a moment I thought I was in a trance and looked into my pocket, before allowing myself to get scared thinking about what had just transpired. The 50 rupee note wasn’t there. I looked on the road to see if the note had fallen down, but it wasn’t there. Just like the man, the money had vanished too and I knew then what had just transpired was for real. I wasn’t dreaming, nor was I in a trance of sorts. His voice kept ringing in my ears. It was a lovely voice indeed, one which made you feel happy. It took me a while to come to terms with what just happened. I did feel happy about what happened, as if I had just been blessed by someone’s words.

I hear that voice often. It serves as reminder to me that one should be happy and content with what life offers, and also that one had to complete pending tasks to be happy and equally content. And on that happy note I started browsing through the magazines again, lest the lovely voice of that handsome young man distract me again!

The entrance door with wooden jali work : Modern houses by Studio DEM
I was looking at that design when I suddenly heard that voice again… Courtesy – Homify.in

P.S. This is a true story. It happened with my younger brother exactly a week back! 

Featured Image: Flickr

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