Can you #FeeltheHeat?


They say that sunlight is the most precious gold to be found on earth. But when the same sunlight decides to blaze its way through in its full glory, the result is extreme fiery heat. The kind that becomes so unbearable that the privileged crowd makes a quick decision to stay indoors and continue with their lives. But that’s it, that’s the way of life of the elite who do not have to dig everyday to find gold and live their golden life with ease. The country is full of people who live in extreme conditions and yet have no choice but to go about their day as ‘normal’ to earn a decent living and live an honorable life.

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When I was a Sales Manager in an MNC Bank and had to go out to meet my clients come rain or sunshine, I remember how I fell ill because I couldn’t take the summer heat. It was scorching and I nearly fell unconscious twice. My father had to ensure that I stopped taking cabs and got me a chauffeur driven car to beat the heat in my city – Mumbai. I dread to think what would have happened to me if I were in Delhi.  And more than that, I shudder to even think how I would react if I had to #feeltheheat the way street vendors and ordinary laborers do. How many of us really understand the pain that they go through?

It was a sheer delight to see #Giving week – the interesting CSR initiative undertaken by #famestars, who tried to make every small effort to not only feel the pain of all those who work on the streets during the scorching summers in order to make a living, but they also helped them out in their daily chores. It’s not that these famestars are going to stop living their lives and help these people on a daily basis. But even making that small effort to recognize their worth and appreciate what they do so that we can live our cushy lives is what would keep them going.

While we are all blessed with not only the basic amenities but also the luxuries of life – like air conditioners and cars, the street workers. labor class and vendors have no alternative other than carrying out their day to day activities on the road in extreme and humid summers. They don’t have a choice but to work hard and burn their fuel in the blistering and sweltering heat. Why not make a small effort to make them feel good and take their pain away, even if it is for a little while. A little appreciation goes a long way and who in this world doesn’t want to feel appreciated for the work they do.

Here is a small video as on 26th May 2016 of the effort undertaken by #famestars to make an awareness about how people are suffering this summer! The video pays an ode to all those people who sweat it out in this scorching heat to help make our lives easier.

Featured Image: Flickr

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