Life is a lot better with sweets!



Sweet Tooth! That’s what I always had! Actually, coming from a North Indian family it is most natural because we tend to have sweets after a meal. So whether you like it or not, it’s part of the DNA and you will land up looking for sweets whenever you have finished eating food. That’s how it always was at home. There was always either home-made barfi or halwa available all the time.

Laddoos.... yummy...
Laddoos…. yummy…

In fact, in North Indian traditional households, home-made sweets are prepared as an offering after prayers. So the house was always fully loaded with sweets. Wow!

Just like people, times change, as do many other things. While my mother still tries her best to make the sweets at home, these days there is such an amazing variety in the market that you want to try the new things also. And if you are a regular traveler and are exposed to the unique sweets of all the regions of India, getting them for people who come from a sweet tooth laden family is almost like a ritual. So whenever I traveled I made sure that the one thing that I returned with was a big box of sweets – more often than not a speciality from the city I was in. That was such an amazing part of travels on work as well as leisure. But the sad part? If you fell in love with those sweets, you had to wait until your next trip to lay your hands on them again. Sigh… or wait for someone to travel there and get you a packet. Well, not any more. Like I said, times change!

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I honestly never imagined that Indian sweets would be sold online. For one – they are perishable items and secondly, there is such a huge variety if one considers all the states and regions of India. Hence I was pleasantly surprised when I heard of They happen to be India’s largest platform for speciality Indian foods. What is even more amazing is that the platform hosts over 100 iconic food brands from across India and they source and deliver across 20 states of India. Whoaaa!!! One can find a range of sweets, snacks, staples and health food. This was something unheard of back then.

My favorite - Patisa Lahori :-)
My favorite – Patisa Lahori 🙂

And guess what, now sitting in the United States, I can keep sending a variety of sweets back home for my parents. My mother fed us the choicest of sweets when we were kids and now it is our turn to return the favor. And Place of Origin has made that so much more easy. Hats off to them!

By the way, the choice of Mango treats on their website currently is absolutely something to die for. If you are a mango fan, don’t miss them for anything in the world.

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