Nostalgia Strikes with Star Trek


Some people are timeless, they never grow old; and whenever you see them or hear about them, there is excitement in the air always. Such is the power of some famous movie characters. When you see them on screen, everything around you comes alive and you wish and pray to be a part of that world, however imaginary that may be. Doesn’t nostalgia strike really hard when you hear the words ‘Star Trek?’ Just thinking about Captain Kirk and Commander Spock brings a huge grin to my face. I get goose bumps all over recollecting the wonder that they used to be and the whole series was so fascinating. And; what more can one ask for, than another BIG dose of the same incredulous series? #StarTrekInIndia and boy what a super hit it is, a must-watch for all ages. But then that isn’t surprising isn’t it? It is the thirteenth film in the Star Trek film franchise and the third installment in the reboot series. A teaser trailer of the film was released in December 2015 and since then I have been waiting with bated breath for the movie to be released.

Nostalgia Strikes with Star Trek! #StarTrekInIndia Click To Tweet Come to think of it, it is the 50th year of this iconic series and it has just been released in India today – the 22nd of July. Creating history all over again, the new age audience already loves the new Star Trek. It is the best in the Star Trek series. And I can say this with utter confidence because the movie was first launched abroad and I had the privilege to see it before it got launched here in India. What a massive success it is, with the young audiences loving it the world over and raving over it. What with all the fantasy spaceships et al. The movie transports you to another world, and I for sure don’t feel like coming back to Planet Earth after being part of the Star Trek amazement.

Star Trek Beyond Spaceship

The movie has already received positive reviews from critics. Taiwanese American Film Director – Justin Lin of Star Trek Beyond is a very well-known personality in the genre and has done some amazing films which have grossed $2 Billion worldwide, in the past. His work in the new Star Trek film has been appreciated worldwide, which is another reason why no can afford to miss this fabulous film.

I am all set for watching it a second time in India. What about you?

Star Trek Beyond 2

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