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During my childhood days, I visited the hospital very often, thanks to my dearest maternal grandmother. She fell ill regularly as she suffered from 2 – 3 illnesses, which made her almost week-long stays at the hospital a frequent affair. But I loved it, especially staying overnight with her, keeping her company and listening to the wonderful stories that she had in store. We were perfect hospital companions. Of course, if you are a regular visitor at the hospital, there’s one more place that is a must-visit – the chemist. Doctors give a long list of medicines almost on a daily basis and you have to get them from the hospital chemist shop. My aunt and I used to get the medicines.

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One fine day, I embarrassed the daylights out of here. Not because I wanted to, but because of the exotic sanitary napkin advertisements that played day in and day out on the television. Curiosity nearly killed the cat – aka ‘me’ and I asked her in the loudest possible voice what those big colorful packets up there (that we kept seeing on TV) were. Everyone looked at me and my aunt. While I gave my best smile, my aunt sure looked totally mortified and yet, gave me a sweet smile and said, “I’ll explain it to you at home.” What a blunder! Little did I know that I asked her a forbidden question in public and I was all of 6 years old? But, she did explain it, though I didn’t really understand what the great fuss was all about. Well, I was just bidding my time until the wonderful ‘chum’ said hello to me in person years later. That’s when I knew this was a friendship for years to come, one which none of us lovely women can escape. Oh well…

The true fact of life is that sometimes it takes years to get adjusted to this new friendship, this new alliance and new way of life. Back in those days we didn’t have too many choices as far as the savior sanitary napkins are concerned. But ofcourse, things are very different now. Thanks to products like SOFY Bodyfit Overnight, which have made our lives most comfortable during the most uncomfortable days and nights. For most women, the most distressing part is to be able to sleep well and I know how everyone goes crazy looking for the best available night pads. With #SofyOvernight, the longest nights have just gotten better because it is now the longest napkin in India, which has a wider hip guard that covers your underwear from the back for extra coverage. So you can sleep peacefully all night long!

It has a 3 way leakage control system:

  1. Wider Hip Guard – that prevent stains even on heavy flow nights. This takes care of such a huge problem that we all face, and it makes the entire night uncomfortable, and in turn sleepless. I have always hated waking up with a groggy face due to this issue. Now, no more.
  2. Flexi- Absorb System – that makes the napkin turn-twist with your body to prevent leakage. In short ensuring a good night’s sleep. What a big relief it brings.
  3. Double Absorbent Core – that fits the body and continues to absorb from night until morning. Of course, it also depends upon the flow and how often you need to change. However, the napkin does the good work all night long.

Some dreams do come true and some prayers do get answered after all. Thank God for some great mercies!


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