Live the way you want to be Remembered


Often times I have heard wise folks say that it is important to do things for others, not necessarily to gain something; but just to help and create a future for them. A future that they may not be able to create for themselves. And I would wonder how I could achieve this. In my mind I thought the best way was to be good to people at the very least, so that they remember you for your kindness. That would be higher than any level of success one could attain. But the thought of doing good unto others and #BeRememberedForGood by giving back to the world never left my mind.

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Once, when I was in my grandfather’s farmhouse, I noticed he had the habit of continuously planting a lot of trees there. Since he had this habit for very many years, he saw some of them reach great heights and bear fruit while he was breathing himself. It was fascinating to see him do this so lovingly and in such a focused manner. I asked him whether this was an old hobby of his. His answer, answered a lot of questions which were running in my mind all throughout. He said, “I am doing this for you, my child. So that even when I am long gone, you can enjoy not just the wonderful fruits of these trees, but their love too. When you sit in the shade they provide in the hot summer afternoons, you will experience boundless joy and the winter breeze despite the scorching heat.”


I was amazed at his profundity, and with the fact that such a simple act can have such long lasting wonderful effects for everyone. It wasn’t rocket science. In fact it was something which we face and see every single day of our life, but we get so busy in our own lives, that these are small things that we miss. In fact, in trying to save the world and doing big things to be remembered and applauded much after leaving this world, most of us forget that the real joy of life lies in the small things that we can do for ourselves and for others, without making such a big fuss about it.


Gardening and planting trees was always a hobby for me, but it took real shape only when I moved to the United States and had a garden of my own. It has now become such a habit that in most of our free time my husband and I keep researching ways and means of enhancing our garden and planting newer trees. Perhaps we may never enjoy their shade in our lifetime, but our children will. And that thought is sweet enough to ensure that we smile each time we look at out budding garden. A thought which not only seems like music to my ears but which rings in the music of a 100 Pipers in my mind. Talking about the 100 Pipers, it reminded me of the meaningful video I saw recently which talks about what you wold like to be remembered for. It is a must watch, because just like my grandfather’s actions made me think, this video will make you think too!



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