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Traveling is my passion and thanks to my job I’ve been doing a lot of international travel since the past decade and a half. But previously it wasn’t really easy. Being a vegetarian, it was a tough job to find good food and snacks during the travel. I am a light eater and prefer healthy snacks over heavy lunch and dinner. But in those days, gourmet snacking was out of question for us vegetarians. And that’s when unfortunately. I was left with no choice but to carry Indian snacks – especially the home made variety. Mom used to pack it all for me so that I wouldn’t have to risk going hungry at times. But this is a story that was good in those times, because fortunately for me – I have discovered a new travel companion called TERRA. And boy am I glad!!

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Terra chips are real vegetable chips and they are the perfect answer to healthy snacking. Some may think that for the Indian taste, the chips are a bit bland. Since they seem to be baked and not deep fried so the rich flavour of oil/fat is missing for some. Traditionally, Indians love their snacks, deep fried. However, there is a small percentage of the population (read: me) which is extremely health conscious, but at the same time finding it difficult to adjust to healthy ways by changing age old habits. The rich colours and exotic flavours of vegetables in these chips really satisfy the taste buds.

Terra_Exotic potato

Blue potato with sea salt tastes yummy. Rare underground vegetables like Taro, Sweet Potato, Batata, Parsnip, Yuca & Beet, originally were never used to make chips and therefore, these would provide vitamins and calcium which regular potato chips can’t. That these are gluten free is another advantage. I am sure gluten conscious parents would like to introduce these chips to their infants thereby avoiding gluten in their babies’ diet. (Gluten consumed by infants in early life causes weight gain later, as per a scientific study). The colours of the chips are really eye catching and one would be tempted to try them immediately. Mediterranean herbs and lime flavour is my favourite. So guess what I am into these days – exploring exotic flavours of the chips at the most exotic places in the world! Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Terra has helped me move to a much healthy lifestyle during my travels.

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