Better Safe Than Sorry


Traveling is our passion. My husband and I love the idea of being out and about exploring the world, different cultures, cuisines, geographies and meeting different people. Once a year, we make it a point to travel with friends; and that usually is the highlight for us, year after year. But last year, it was tragic. Our travel to France shook us all – the four families who traveled together. An earth shattering event occurred and that made us all stop for a while and think!

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Most of us including the bigger kids were paragliding and it seemed so much of fun to be amidst the clouds; soaring, serenading, and enjoying the beautiful vistas. And the unthinkable happened right in front of our eyes! A dear friend’s glider broke and he fell from the slope he was gliding on, at the speed of 35 kilometres per hour. And that was it, instant death! Shocking! No one could have survived such a fall and we were forced to take a hard look at our lives and think about the consequences that our families would face if such an eventuality happened with us.

The first thing that came to our mind was our daughter’s safety and security. Her future and how we could help shape it even if we were no more. These days thanks to late marriages, one is already in their late forties by the time one has a kid, and that makes it even more imperative to think about the child’s future and the legacy that one needs to create for her smooth and unhindered future life. We took stock of all our investments and the result was more shocking than our friend’s death. If we had to ensure that our daughter continued to enjoy our lifestyle, we had to redo a good part of our investment portfolio to ensure not only good returns but also financial security during life’s uncertainties. Thus, we started looking for the best possible investment avenues which also gave us other great advantages like tax benefits and loyalty additions.

We were lucky that we chanced upon a wonderful investment opportunity – the Edelweiss Tokio Life GCap, which is a guaranteed returns plan as well as a fantastic tax saving plan. What we loved most about it is the fact that you can secure your child’s future by opting for the Payor Waiver Benefit rider that ensures that your child continues to enjoy policy’s benefit without worrying about paying the premiums even in the unfortunate event of your death.

We took the opportunity to sign up for a second plan as well – the Wealth Ultima, where coupled with a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (where one can withdraw a certain amount after the first few years) it works as a tax free pension for life, and can be used as a legacy building option. The legacy part especially was something we really needed to look at keeping our little daughter in mind. The cost of Wealth Ultima also turned out to be lesser than most other investment avenues. That also made us heave a sigh of relief as everyone looks for something good that is also light on the pocket.

Now we don’t think much before making our adventurous travel plans. Better safe than being sorry is a lesson we learned the hard way. But as they say, there is always something positive one can learn even from sad events; and we ensured that we took our learning to the right conclusion.

Have you ensured a smooth future for your loved ones yet?

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